Magic and Technology
in the Four Aces Universe

The Laws of Magic: Inspired by Isaac Bonewits, these are not slavishly followed in the game, but they do offer some helpful insights into how it happens in the game.

Realms of Existence in Japanese Cosmology: In contrast to the Kabbalistic view of the Witchcraft universe, this was the cosmology understood by Yukio Ohta before he met the Aces. Aspects of this version of the cosmos have been confirmed (and also challenged) in Yukio's experience since then, so it seems both may be 'true' to a significant extent in the Four Aces universe.

The Tree of Life (Kabbalah): This is what Michel Borsavin has told the Aces about how the universe works according to the Kabbalah. Some of the details may not be true in the Four Aces universe (especially about which beings live in which Sephiroths), but this is how most occultists in (the game world's) Europe and the Americas think the universe really works.

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