Where's Where in the Four Aces Universe

(New York City has often been the center of the action for the Four Aces and the Two Jokers, but there have been other important locations too.)

The Katsoulakis Residence: A classic brownstone, though its owner has made many unusual modifications to the basic plan, including at least two subterranean levels, and a variety of mystical wards and defenses that make the residence the most impregnable location in the City. Maps for the residence are very similar to those here

The Marble Arch: The residence of Yukio Ohta, and the focal point of his school for artists and poets. The complex includes the Arch itself, the school and hostel (including quarters for staff and visitors as well as Cassandra and Michel), and the carriage house where Bruce and Miranda (Lily) live. Elements of the redesign were informed by documents provided by Saint-Germain as well as principles of Thomas Cartwright which Yukio studied in Jonathan Wertham's blueprints for the Renaissance. The grounds are kept by the master gardener Ishida. Security is maintained by the Faerie courtiers Pwyll and Oison, a show of gratitude by Maori, Queen of Mannahatta, in return for past favors.

The Renaissance Hotel and Ballroom: Since 2002 the Renaissance Hotel has served not only as a community center for the surrounding neighborhood in Harlem but also as the def facto headquarters of the Four Aces. The Renny was also became the rallying point for the counterattack against the Saints during the events known as "Red Rain". Maps of the Renny are here.


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