Realms of Existence

(In contrast to the Kabbalistic view of the Witchcraft universe, this was the cosmology understood by Yukio Ohta before he met the Aces. Aspects of this version of the cosmos have been confirmed (and also challenged) in Yukio's experience since then, so it seems both may be 'true' to a significant extent in the Four Aces universe.)

Chikushudo: The realm of animals, where souls get reincarnated as animals.

Gaki-Do: The realm of the hungry dead, a punishment for those without honor. This is where ghosts come from if the person who died remains unaccepting of death, usually because of strong emotions. This is the realm most often perceived using Necromancy, as these spirits can move into Ningen-do.

Jigoku: The realm of evil and utter darkness, a version of hell, where demons, etc. reside.

Meido: The realm of the dead, where confused spirits linger waiting for what's next, a kind of spiritual holding tank, but these spirits do not interact with Ningen-do.

Ningen-Do: The realm of mortals, this is basically where the campaign takes place.

Sakkaku: The realm of mischief, where all the mischievous spirits live.

Tengoku: The celestial heavens, home of the Fortunes and Elemental Dragons.

Toshigoku: The realm of slaughter, where warrior spirits who die a senseless death contines to fight and die for all eternity; a fate that Ohta has avoided.

Yomi: The realm of blessed ancestors, where good and honorable folks who lived their lives go. This is the Japanese equivalent of "heaven."

Yume-Do: The realms of dreams, the realm we all mortals visit in their minds as they sleep. This realm exists in between "reality" and "spirit realms" in odd ways. This is the way that non-gifted access the spirit realms.

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