11a: Walkabout

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When It Happened (Chronicle Time): September 7-October 4, 2002

Who Was There: Jonathan Wertham (Matt)

What It Was

Struggling with his growing powers, Jonathan Wertham is visited by Tamara Westcott, a fellow student of Thomas Cartwright. Tamara tells Jonathan that Cartwright is waiting for them on Long Island, at a place called Wardenclyffe, once a laboratory used by Nikola Tesla. When the two of them arrive, Cartwright shares some of his discoveries about a link between Tesla and the work of Wilhelm Reich, and about the threat posed to them all by two warring factions of serpent people.

The Full Horror

Ever since he became an Ace, Jonathan's strange abilities have flared and increased in strength. But his attention has been so absorbed by them, none of the other Aces realize how serious the problem has become.

[Unlike the other episodes, this one was done by email. Eventually I hope to have an edited version of it here, but for now, see the next episode, "Black Friday," which includes the account Jonathan gave to the Aces about what he learned.]

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